Monday, August 20, 2012

Reassuring You, 250th Post and a Giveaway! (At long last!)

I am so sorry for the negligence, but I've been trying to keep you in suspense. I am officially planning a giveaway, and should arrive very very soon! But for right now, since I love you all so much, I will give away a few things before the SPECIAL item comes.

So,  In honor of this being my 250th POST!!!! I have some American Girl Crafts I would love to give away!

For me, school is starting much sooner than I would wish it. To kick off the school year and your creativity one lucky girl will win these items from American Girl Crafts!

Summer Fun Stacked Stickers

School Days Stacked Stickers

Doodles Rub-ons

Yay! Just e-mail me or leave a comment on this post with your name and the funnest thing you've done this summer. I'll draw the winner out of a hat on Sunday, September 1st and post the winner on Monday, September 2nd. I would prefer it if you would e-mail me, (it would be a lot easier to get a hold of you if you win), but comments are fine too.

Happy entering!


  1. Ooh, fun! My name is Jessie (duh) and the most fun thing I did this summer was going to my church's summer camp. [I believe you have my email address already... let me know if you don't]

  2. Ooh I love American Girl Crafts stickers!!! :D
    Well, my name is Priya (though you probably already know that) and the funnest thing I've done this summer is play tennis with my family and friends. I think you already have my email address, but it's
    Congrats on 250 posts! :)


  3. Hello! My name's Kassidy (As you can see :) And probably the funnest thing I did was go to the fair and see all the wonderful animals :) My email is

    Congrats on 250 posts!


  4. Hi! My name is Danielle. The funnest thing i have done this summer is swimming!! email:

  5. My name is Emma Kate! The funnest thing I have done this summer....seeing my BFF, swimming, and seeing my other friends!

  6. My name is Hannah! The funnest thing I've done this summer was... swimming and going to Disney World! And sleeping over with my friends!


  7. My name is Samira. I help with an arts and crafts center there was a mouse in the class i shrieked so much jamp on the table and jumed on the teeacher

  8. My name is Madeline (that is my mom's picture that shows up) and my favorite thing from the summer was going to White Water with my best friend Libby for the first time.

  9. Hi!
    The most fun thing was going to a waterpark with some friends and visiting the American Girl store! :)

  10. I'm Alyssa and my most fun thing I did this summer was going on this years Big Trip to London and Paris and taking 4,5678 photographs.

  11. Hello! I'm Cece!
    Hmm, thats hard but it would have to be boogie boarding at the ocean!

  12. i already entered by email...but i just want to leave a comment and say Hi! i love the idea of a givaaway! you rock Emma!

  13. I think I email you..... but ill do this again!
    My name is Emma as well and my favorite thing this summer is making so many videos with my dolls and starting a blog!


  14. Hi, I'm Sophie! Well, I'm a doll, but my guardian's name is Laura. Anyway, I'd love to enter the crafts giveaway. My favorite thing that I did this summer was going on vacation to see friends I haven't seen for a couple of years! We had so much fun reconnecting! :)

    ~Sophie (and Laura)


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