Tuesday, August 28, 2012

American Girl Doll Room Review!!

So, today in the mail I got a special treat- An American Doll Room! I was asked to review it and I heartily agreed!

Overall, this is a gem of a product. It's cute, durable and so versatile!

The General View: 
I loved it! It was fast and easy to assemble, so it's great for photo-shoots. 

I liked how you could choose the flooring, as there was "hardwood" floor OR you could put the carpet over it. Fun!

Realistic scenery is fun for play and for all you photographers out there... :D I think I'm going to like the backgrounds this gives me for pictures!!

The windows are adorable. They come with cute little curtains you can attach. (see picture below)

If you flip it over you can get a sweet little patio! I really love the 2-in-1 idea.

The "tiles". 

My little sister agreed to model (I decided I better not as I just got home swaty from work and was looking not quite so lovely in my sweatpants... :} ) to show how it was pretty light to pick up and move. 

The carrying bag is genius, and it would help a whole ton if you were bringing to a friends for a play-date or something. Also works for storage!

I really and super happy with this! It's a cute accessory that is perfect for any girl with dolls. The only thing that wasn't quite a perk was that it was a little hard if you wanted to scoot it with out unfolding it and setting it back up again.

So, if you want to check out these spectacular rooms for yourself go to:

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