Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giveaway Item Revealed!

I finally got everything together for the super cute item I am giving away!!


It's the Official One-of-a-kind My American Girl tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lovely blue shirt is courtesy of The Beach Shack. I am super excited, and even though it's not a super amazing item, I am pretty psyched how cute it turned out!

If you want to enter to win this you MUST BE A FOLLOWER. Sorry, but  this giveaway is in honor of my followers so only followers can enter.

If you want to enter ( or already entered for the crafts and want to be included for this one) just give me a comment or e-mail (e-mails are preferred). Yay!

And, to answer I question I can sense in you, if you are in both pools for these drawings (For the shirt or crafts) if, for example, one person wins the crafts they will be removed from the drawing for the shirt. :D Just to keep it fair.

Love love love


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