Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Challenge

So, I have decided to embark on this new adventure:

  1. A photo of yourself.
  2. A photo of what you wore today.
  3. A photo of your favorite place to be.
  4. A photo from a high angle. :D
  5. A photo of whatever you please.
  6. A photo from a low angle.
  7. A silhouette photo.
  8. A photo of something close up.
  9. A photo of something from a distance.
  10. A photo of whatever you please.
  11. A black and white photo.
  12. A photo experimenting with bokeh.
  13. A photo edit that you like. 
  14. A photo focusing on eyes.
  15. A photo of whatever you please.
  16. A photo experimenting with light trails.
  17. A photo with street lights.
  18. A photo depicting an emotion.
  19. A photo that involves landscape.
  20. A photo of whatever you please.
  21. A photo of the sunset. :) FUN!
  22. A photo of the person you love.
  23. A photo that makes you think of childhood. 
  24. A photo that has a color scheme.
  25. A photo of whatever you please.
  26. A photo playing with shadows.
  27. A photo using the sun as your lighting.
  28. A photo that incorporates motion.
  29. A photo with clouds.
Seems intimidating, eh? But, I'm willing to. Let's hope this is as much fun as it looks!!

So, here is my Day One Entry: 
Me and my BFF, my camera. :) 



  1. Wait, so you are taking pics of yourself? Thats coolio!

  2. Cool idea! I want a blog on here but my parents aren't so sure, do have any reasons that I could tell them why it's safe and fun? BTW I love your hair!

  3. Mel-

    Hi! Thanks for the comment. Blogging is a great way to make friends with similar interests and share post about things you love. My parents were hesitant at first too, but now embrace blogging! It is a big factor to stay safe, but communities are really friendly here!

    Emma <3


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