Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, I am back!!

I have decided what my next move on the blog will be...

I will need my next paycheck to do it, though!!

That's all I'm saying.

I realized that I want to do a mini contest!

(It's really not a contest)

The first person to comment on what they want my next post to be gets it done!


So, that's pretty much it.

Let the games begin!!

:) :)

love love LOVE


  1. I would LOVE for you to have an interview with someone!! I'm totally open if you want to do me. (:

  2. I totally missed it! ;) I would of liked you to do a guest post with me! =)

  3. Aww I missed it! But I just wanted to say that I love the picture of you! You are beautiful Emma! :)


  4. Aw, I missed it too. :( I would really appreciate it if you did the Your Blog Is Great award post that I awarded to you, though.

  5. man I missed it too! Darn! I just wanted to tell you Emma that you are amazing and I love that you love the Lord!

  6. Congrats, Jessie! And I will do an interview, with YOU! Just e-mail me (it can be found under "contact me") and it will go from there!


    Emma <3

  7. Hello, awesome blog !We had to follow you! It's so cute! We would LOVE IT if you could follow our dance blog! And if you want an american girl doll site to check out then Hannah has a AG youtube, its called… JustAddSparkle! Thanks for your time!

    Hannah and Shea

  8. Whoops... didn't see that comment until NOW!! 0.o I'm emailing!

    1. EEP! This IS Jessie, I'm just on a different account....
      -Jessie ^.^


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