Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BRAVE Review

So, on Saturday I saw Disney*Pixar's BRAVE. It was really, really good! Here's my review on it:
 This will contain spoilers, so I'll let you know when one is coming up. :) 


Adorable baby Merida!

I think they did really well on her character! I liked how she wasn't your stereotypical rebellious teen, and not your average princess. Going off to "change her fate" and being this huge tomboy really stood out to me in a good way. She's really relate able in the way that she's not this perfect, beautiful, flawless sugarplum. She had brains, which I respect! It was great how you could see the gradual incline in her family ties. The fights she had with her mom got a little heated though, and it wasn't the best how she SPOILER- tried to actually go and change her mom with a spell instead of working it out. END OF SPOILER


She definitely played a good but strict mother. She showed undying love for her daughter, and forgave her after she SPOILER-   got turned into a bear accidentally by Merida. END OF SPOILER I appreciated how she developed a strong relationship with Merida and began to see eye to eye with her, and even changed herself a bit. I really can't think of any problems or things that irked me about her character, just that she seemed a bit over the top sometimes with her expectations for Merida.


King Fergus (Billy Connolly), Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson) in Brave (2012)

King Fergus was absolutley hilarious! I laughed whenever he came on screen. He reminds me of my dad. :) One of the most fun characters in the movie!!

(Hamish, Hubert and Harris)

I loved this trio, even if they didn't have a single line the whole movie! :} They had a few crude parts in the movie I was not so happy about. But these rascals were sure fun the watch!

I would advise if you are prone to nightmares or hate scary images, I would either cover my eyes during the bear sequences or think twice about viewing this movie. And as much as I reccomend and like this movie, I was fairly disappointed at some of the crude humor. I wish they had not put in some of the cleavage jokes and  insolent scenes. The "cleaness " in this film was about a 3 out of 5. :/

So, overall, I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars. The animation and overall theme were awesome!! Plus, I'm more than 25% Scottish, so this was a real kick for me. :) My great grandma is very Scottish, accent and all, and she calls us girls her "wee hens", and uses all these Scot terms.

Very fun movie! Really enjoyed this.


  1. Thanks for posting a review!! I want to see that movie!

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  2. I totally want to see this movie now! :) Merida is a lot like me in some ways.


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