Thursday, June 28, 2012

New AG Items Now Available!

Yay! New items! I'm pretty happy with what I've seen, and I'll post a few on here with my opinions.

Now, the car everyone is raving about. It's cute, but what would a 9 year old girl do with her own car?? And the price?! 350 dollars is way too much for anybody to pay. Sorry AG. This is not worth it.


This is a suuuper cute doll! Love the cute ringlets. I'm not going to be purchasing her, but she's a winner!

The outfit. Oh, my. Pink pink pink pink PINK. Love the boots (so cute!), skirt is okay, bit OH MY holy pinkness. The top. WAAAAY to girly-girl for my style... Not too impressed.

Is is just me or did they make her hair longer???

So, my thoughts on the new MAG design.

Outfit time!

Oh my goodness awesome. This is the best outfit EVER! Totally loving the top and sandals! Holy cow!

This dress has a sweet design to it, but I myself have never been a fan of animal print. :/ Headband is fun, though!

Hmmmm, not sure about this dress. Kinda weird neckline.

Wow, I absolutely love this outfit! The headpiece is so bouncy, and the yellow and blue look great w/ each other! The accessories look like a lot of fun, too. Adore the ribbon!

Holy frijole ! This is a super awesome costume! Wonder why they came out with it in summer, though.

Meatloaf the dog. This is a poooooool of adorableness. The name is a pool of well.... meatloaf. I mean, who names ANYTHING Meatlof?? I'm sorry, but all I can imagine for this name is a bunch of people in the conference room saying:

Person 1 " For a bulldog? It needs to be tough and manly. Like meat. Tough guys like meat."
Person 2 "How about meatloaf? It's a brick of meat!!"
 Person 1 "Meatloaf, huh? LOL, yeah, people will get a kick outta THAT."

This is by far the cutest dog, but the name certainly didn't get run by any kind of testing facilities. Wow. Meatloaf, huh? REALLY?!

Licorice got a makeover, apparently. I liked the original better. No offence to the people that like it, but I just think it was fine how it was.  Her face looks too triangular to me now.

And, AG is doing something amazing, (in MHO) by making accessories so girls with special needs can match their dolls!

Super cool. I knew a girl with hearing aids, and I know she'll like this! My grandpa also owns an audiology clinic in Utah, so ears and hearing aids have always been interesting to me.

This is fantastic. Recognizing that not every girl has a mop of hair, and letting them have a special doll to look JUST like them. Mental high five, AG! LOVE this idea. Might consider getting one. ;)

This is a good idea, but I really can't imagine a whole lot of girls using this.

AG's effort to reach out is impressive. I'm proud. :) Yay! Was hoping for something like this to turn up... :D

There are more items to view that I didn't include, so take a look HERE!

What do you think of the new additions!


  1. I am excited for all the new stuff!!!!!!! Ya most of the dolls got longer hair! I like it better shorter!

  2. I am actually a fan of all the stuff!...except for Licorice. I agree with you.

  3. I love a lot of the stuff! I didn't really like many of the MAG outfits before, but I love the new MAG outfits a lot! :)

  4. Aren't they all soooooo cute?! I think they just styled the dolls' hair differently, myself. It's the same length probably, but just laid out a little differently. But that's just my humble opinion...
    P.S. I emailed you about the interview... could you reply so I know you got it?

    1. Jessie-

      I don't think I received your e-mail... do you think you could send it again?? Sorry for the inconvenience!! I'm looking forward to the interview!

    2. Hi Emma! I'm all ready for your interview... I'm sorry I've been taking so long to respond; I've been away for five days and didn't see your reply until just now. Instead of worrying about me getting the email right, could you email me at It'd be a lot simpler for me... hope you don't mind!

  5. Wow... most of my opinions were exactly the same!! The only differences are that I love the Butterfly or whatever Dress and the new Licorice, though Licorice #1 was cuter. I'm just glad they brought her back. :)

  6. Like the new Licorice better, LOVE McKenna's new stuff, Meatloaf is really cute but name is kinda cute, the new MAG outfit is my least favorite out of all the MAG outfits(and I was about to buy a MAG) and I don't like how they changed the other MAG.

  7. No, they just loosened her curls a bit. What bothers me is that on the last catalog it said Summer's Guide. Isn't this the summer getout. I suspect they wanted to put this out in the fall with Caroline (hence the Halloween outfit). Haha! AG Detective!


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