Friday, February 3, 2012

You Are Now Reading The Title of the Longest Post EVER!!!!

If you in a hurry, don't start this. This might take a more than a few minutes to finish. :D


Let's start this humungo post off with a photo-story! Long time no do, right?? 

BUM BUM BUM.......

(Oh, and Mia's adorable shirt is my prize from Gabby's contest!)

"LOL Lissie, you are hilarious!" Mia laughed. Emily was smiling so hard her cheeks hurt. As Felicity continued her story on 

As Felicity continued her story on the amazing and funny adventures of her time in Miss Wilkerson's class during 3rd period, Emily tripped on a shoe and almost fell right on her face.

"ALRIGHT WHO"S SHOE IS THIS?!" Emily said, snatching it off the ground.

"Ummm, I've never seen that shoe before..." Felicity replied. "But it's super cute!" Mia said, smiling. Then a puzzled look came over her face. "Be right back!" Mia called as she raced down the hall.

She cam back with one of Emma's books and set it down. "Not to be mean or anything, but why are you holding a book?" Emily remarked. 

"Look, that shoe looks a lot like hers. Lanie's." Emily told them slowly.

"Do you think....." Mia started slowly, "That Emma got LANIE??" She practically yelled.
"AHHHHHHH! Felicity yelled, totally freaking out.

"Guys, just shut up! We don't even know yet... GUYS!" Emily tried to talk to them but Mia and Felicity were too busy screaming their lungs out.

While the girls argued a girl with curly blonde hair and 1 shoe walked slowly up. 

"OMG! My shoe!" She exclaimed, picking it up. All the girls heads turned toward Lanie, mouths hanging open.
"Hi! Ummmm, did I do something? Oh, darn it, is there marker on my face?" Lanie exclaimed, rubbing on her cheek.

"No, it's cool. But, um, no offense intended, but how did Emma get you? I mean, I'm a GOTY too, and your, um, retired..." Mia stuttered. 
"Oh, I was bought off Ebay." Lanie replied. 

"Hi! I'm Felicity but my friends call me Lissie what's your name this is Mia, and over there is Emily and was it horrible being on for auction I heard it's awful I love your curls do you like my new skirt" Felicity blabbered.
"Aaaaannnd, that's good for today, Lissie. Sorry if she freaked you out or anything. I'm Emily." Emily said to Lanie, smiling. "Oh, cool! I have a sister  named Emily. You know let me tell you about me..." Lanie said.


So, it's official! Lanie is MINE! :D Here's some pics of when I first opened her:

Oooooh, her box!

Poor Lanie, wrapped in a garbage bag... :( There goes her pride...

Ahhh! Just out of the box! Her hair was a little messy... :} This is her w/ flash

Close up!

Yup, def. need some hair styling!

And her w/ out flash

Now for the photoshoot!

*Oh, and write the word "blueberry" if you are still reading this post!*

Sorry her hair looks so messy...

Love the lighting on this pic!

The most adorable shoes ever!

Dragonfly patch!

Perfect lighting

Ahhhh relaxing palms!

Close up


More shoes

Most amazing curls ever!

She looks great in this hair style!

Sorry it's kinda blurry.

And here is a comparison between all my green eyed dolls!

Mia and Lanie's eyes are exactly the same!

Felicity's is a lot brighter and not as hazelish.

So ya! I am super excited, and I love her! She's gorgeous. :D I'm so glad I have my Lanie!


  1. Your Lanie is so so pretty!!! I have a Lanie too. I love the pic with her shoes on the grass! Blueberry!

  2. BLUEBERRY!! :)
    Lanie is just gorgeous! Congratulations, you're so going to love her. Can't wait to see more pictures of the pretty girl. :)

  3. Blueberry! Congrats on getting Lanie!

  4. Blueberry! I'm glad that you got Lanie, but here's a warning, I got my Lanie in January 2010, but now, her hair starting to get straighter. I just thought I'd tell you!

  5. blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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