Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Mini Me!

Hey! So I edited and layered doll pics to make a pretty rough estimate of what I would look like if you saw me. Now, the coat I thought was adorable, although I would love one. And I have brown boots. But whatever. Here it is:
yeah, I know her hair looks kinda weird...

So she has hazel eyes like me, and sorta swoopy light brown hair, like me, as well as a sorta light complexion. :) So, have you ever made a mini-me of yourself??

P.S. If anyone wants a mini-me, I am more than happy to make one! Just put in a comment or e-mail if that is you r hearts desire, what you look like, and it shall be in a post  or reply to your e-mail for you. :D


  1. Wow, you are so pretty as a doll!! I just sent you an email for a mini me... :)

  2. Thanks! And I e-mailed you your mini. :)


  3. Hi! So cute! ;)

    Could I have a mini?


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