Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lanie Pictures

Well! Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures lately, I have just found myself uncommonly busy. With school in full swing and projects here and there free time seems to be occasional. I did take the time to take pictures of my beautiful Lanie in a sundress quite becoming on her.

I know this looks over edited, but hey, the lighting was, well, MEH.

Un edited, with horrific lighting.

And THE ONLY DECENT PIC IS UPSIDE DOWN. What are the odds??? (Sorry to have caused you any pain in the neck trying to crane to see this. )

Romola Garai as Emma

Oh, and you know the Jane Austen fan me being, I finished a BBC Miniseries( Love those!) of "Emma" (The newer 2009 version) and totally adored it. And usually period drama music is so-so, but I thought the soundtrack on this was spectacular! :D   I think even if you don't necessarily like Jane Austen, you'll like this. 

So yeah, hopefully my posts aren't spread too far apart but I'll just give you a heads up that I'm pretty busy. 


  1. Cute! I would do something like that if it wasn't snowing here....


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