Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Fave AG Items!

Hey! American Girl released some new items, and these are my favorites!

This is such a cute, summer/spring dress! Love the blue color.

I love this tankini! I love how AG is making  modest swimsuits. And the pattern and color look great together.

Wow! This is THE CUTEST parasol ever. I always (secretly) wanted AG to make one. Although, get this, at Disneyland they sell these adorable custom mini and girl sized parasols on New Orleans Square and I was really close to buying one once! I like this one better thought. :)

This is a super cute dress! I'm not sure why it's for a limited time only...Probably one of AG's money-making schemes. Oh well. Do what you want American Girl.

So! That about sums it up. To see all the new items click here!


  1. Awesome! My fave is the petals and posies dress.

  2. i love the parisol its so cute and would be perfect to pose your doll with and take photos


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