Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Prize Purse!!! 

The overview

Closer up

The flower

The side

Just to show how big it is, you know? ( Do you like my hand? ;D)

Like it? And, yes, it's all handmade! I must admit, it's pretty cute! :)

ALSO FEATURING: Emma's First "Rants's 'n' Raves" Talk Below!!! 

***This is in my opinion, so you might not agree with what I have to say. If you have a different view of the subject, totally feel free to share it!!! I hope I don't hurt anyone by these.***

OK AG, I have to hand it to 'ya:
Your taking FOREVER to retire these two!! I'm NOT saying I like the idea of you retiring them, (I absolutely HATE the idea) but now all their clothes are sold out and gone, and everybody who wanted the dolls already got them in the beginning of their retirement or the holiday's, etc. So really, just get it over with. I'm not sure why this seems to bother me, but it just seems so weird. They didn't take this long with Kristen or Samantha, so why this long for them??  I mean, it's way over our "Last Holiday to Bring them home", so Just retire 'em if that's the plan, and if your not going to, DON'T RETIRE THEM!!!!!!! For Pete's sake, American Girl!! 

What do you think about this?

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. It is taking a while for them to retire. I bet they will be there next year! LOL I don't like the idea of it either though.

  2. I noticed that the other day. Get with the program AG!!!!! (Not that I want them gone, but you know.) Anyway, the purse is adorable!

  3. Hi Emma! I love the purse! So cute. Also I totally agree with your opinion on Liz & Lis. Just do it or don't do it AG! :-)

  4. I think the reason they are still selling Felicity at the AG place in Washington is cause they under produced Kirsten and so many people ordered her at the same time that there weren't enough of the dolls to go around. AG prolly thought that the same would happen to Felicity but they overestimated....overestimated wayyy over the top.

    But hey, on the bright side I was able to order Felicity the other Sunday for $100- doll, book and accessories :P I think that's the only positive thing that came out of Archiving her.


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