Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emily's Trip

Hi! Emily is above holding some AG Craft Stickers my Aunt gave me. They are so cute!

And now Emily will give you a tour:

Hello!  I'm going to show you all the cool things here. To start, Right now I'm on the treadmill! Now let's go outside.....

I'm standing here in the tree house! One summer they fixed it all up, (it used to be falling apart!) ,and now we can play in it!

Now I'm at the fire pit, where we toast s'mores, make ti-foil dinners, and just sit around!

This is just a fun stump to sit on. It even has a lamp right over it!

I'm standing under a beautiful pine tree. It smells good!

Now I'm on the HUGE hill where the cousins like to run, roll, and skip down! I love the view from up here. Brrrrr... Let's go back inside!

Here I am in the home theater where we watch movies. It's really fun!

This is the popcorn machine that makes popcorn for the theater. Mmmmm... it's delicious!!

This is an iron that Emma's grandma gave her. She also gave her the typewriter! Well, I hope you liked my tour, I sure did! See you next time!

~*Emma and her dolls*~

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