Thursday, February 24, 2011


OOPS!!! I am really mad at myself. :( :( :( I was really careless and LOST (Yes, LOST) the headband and drawstring purse for the prize in my contest. Again, your probably thinking: "Jeez, Emma!!! I'm so mad at you I'm going to break my computer and have a mad rage and be a 2nd King Kong!!!!" Pleeeeeeease don't!! I tried my best to make it up to you, and made a different (And if I do say so myself, COOLER) headband. I'm really sorry I was this dumb and if you really liked those two A LOT, I'm REALLY SUPER SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm probably the worst person ever in your opinion. Oh, Well. I'm going to try to make it up to you by replacing the drawstring bag as well, and I NEED you to vote on my poll about it ASAP!!! Anyway, Here are the pics of the replacement headband!!!

The headband's look on the doll

The Entire Headband 

The Flower

And the back, to let you see that the gemstones go all the way around the headband.


Okay, so in this picture, I just wanted to show my AWESOME NEW picture-taking lamps. Since flash with the camera just makes my dolls look weird, I usually use the No Flash setting, which almost always makes my pictures look blurry or yellow, so my mom gave me these cool lamps that came with a little tent for showcasing little things. I really should have used it to display the headband, but my mom reminded me about it right after I finished taking pictures!! But I promise to use it next time! :) Anyway, I LOVE the lamps, and they make my pictures SO much better. What do you think?? Please tell me!!!!!

P.S. Thanks SOOOO Much, American Girl Doll Hairstyles for being my 11th Follower!! I Love All of you Guys!! Thanks for being such a great audience. :) I really appreciate all you do!

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. Lol at your predicted reaction! The new headband is really pretty. The lamps are awesome, too. If you don't mind my asking, how much were they?

  2. Katie:

    Thanks! Anyway, I'm really not sure how much the lamps cost. I'll ask her and tell you ASAP!!! :) I'm glad you aren't mad at me, and I'm super happy you like the replacement! I was so angry at myself when I lost them, I almost did what I predicted you guys would do!!LOL

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~


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