Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Doll Spa At AG Place!

Spa Deluxe package

Add this special treat to any Doll Hair Salon visit for just $12. Our stylists will give her doll a thorough facial scrub to get her clean. And to keep her feeling relaxed, we'll send her home with a pampering set featuring cucumber stickers for her eyes, nail decals, flip-flops, a salon cape, and a faux face mask.

Come to the Doll Hair Salon for our new Spa Deluxe package! Discover more. Click here


  1. Kinda cool. To be honest, though, what they do for $12 could be done by you with a wet washcloth for about fifty cents. Still, if you want the cape and flip flops and stuff it'd probably be worth it.

  2. will send my ag for that! tommrow is ag day 4 me


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