Saturday, September 29, 2012

McKenna Shoots for the Stars!

Wow, it took me forever but I finally was able to watch the McKenna Shoots for the Stars movie! For the most part it was enjoyable. :)

I am just going to say that I haven't read the books (how unlike me! seeing the movie before reading the books...) so I am not sure if it was true to the real storyline or anything. This is just what I thought about it.

         So, McKenna is a die-hard gymnast, who's big dream is to compete in the Olympics. I think it's good that they have a girl with a set dream, showing girls that it's okay to dream big as long as you keep working towards it. I was really really disappointed in Toulane's personality, though. She would constantly lash out on McKenna, make fun of Sierra and all the while act like she wasn't being mean or anything. I just don't think that's a realistic friendship... :[

 McKenna is pretty relate-able, and my little sisters liked her a lot. She's a sweet girl who is figuring stuff out, and learns a lot of lessons along the way.

 The storyline is a really good one, and I liked watching what would happen next. The outcome was really nice, ( I won't say what it is just in case any of you haven't seen it yet) and it ended the story well. It is a nice story about a girl with big dreams who makes mistakes along the way but fixes them. I was disappointed in Toulane's rudeness, though, and the whole time I just didn't get how they stayed friends. It was what I was expecting, and it was really cute! I would think girls mostly 6 to 10 would like this show most, and I would give it a rating of a 7.5. :)

What did you think of McKenna Shoots for the Stars?


  1. We thought they did really good on the McKenna movie, it was a cute movie and I loved the part of her trying to not allow anyone to see her. She was so funny, it was a fun movie to watch.


  2. I thought it was great. My friend cried during it!! I think they should make Toulane into a doll.

  3. I think that McKenna was a great movie. It was funny, sad, and exciting. I read the books AFTER the movie. I like that better. I could see the plot of the book in action.

  4. I think that this is a great and cute movie. I loved watching it.


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