Sunday, September 9, 2012

Caroline is RELEASED!

Caroline Abbott has been released! She is a very pretty girl, but I don't think she will be a purchase anytime soon. These are my thoughts on some of her stuff:

Caroline is super cute, I just wish they had been a bit more creative with the look. Is it just me or does she look a whole lot like Lanie? I have noticed a bit of a surplus of new dolls with curly hair... But her dress and outfit is cute, but OH SO PINK! :)

Okay, OH MY GOODNESS. This is sooossooosososososo cute!!!!!! Love the buttons and the deep blue together!! Caroline here looks excellent in blue.

Wow, again, this is an adorable outfit! Very elegant, and the Regency look to it is great.

This dress is a pretty color, but I'm honestly not a huge fan of the pattern. The headband is super cool, I like how it makes it easier to give her hairdos since her hair is so curly.

This dress is very pretty, but again, the PINK. I think Caroline has a color scheme going. I was a bit sad that all the pieces are separately sold, but whatever. The bonnet is to die for!

This is a pretty nightgown! The light blue looks nice on her, even if it is her jammies. :)

Honestly, Inkpot looks too much like Licorice.

Cute to look at, but I can pretty much tell it won't hold up too much rough play. Looks kind of like an enlarged Lego boat. But who knows, this is just the stock photo, it might be better in person.

This bed is really cute! I LOVE canopy beds. I thought for a second the design on the blanket was a peace-sign, then saw it was just a criss-crossy circle. :)

Well, there you have it! Caroline from the eyes of me.

P.S. Oh, and if you were a winner for the stuff, I AM SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY! I've been so busy you can't imagine, (Schedule: Go to school, go to swim, go to work, go do homework, chores, and repeat cycle.)
So I will try super hard to get them sent this week. Sorry again!


  1. Oh, not to worry. This is such a busy time of year for everyone! ;)
    I love everything about Caroline...except the doll! I mean, I do like her, but I'm not so good with curly hair. It's better for me to stick with dolls who have hair that is easier to care for, hair that doesn't require an hour or two of my time to finger curl. I'd really like to get some of Caroline's things for my other dolls, though, and of course, I need to read her books eventually.

  2. I love Caroline!! Except Inkpot creeps me out...a lot ;)

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  5. Ooh, my gosh, you and I think alike! I'll be doing a post soon on that!

  6. I agree! Caroline is cute, but reminds me of: Elizabeth, Marie-Grace and Lanie. And Inkpot IS cute, and looks a TINY bit different(Because of the eyes)but is way to similar. They need more red heads or such. Just too many blondes!

    1. They have a red headed doll out, but she is cute. Her name is Maryellen and she's from the 1950s. But she is totally adorable.

  7. I agree with a lot of your Caroline opinions! :)
    Also, I tagged you on my blog!

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