Thursday, July 19, 2012

some vacation pictures

So, as I promised here are just a few pictures from my vacation! There are only a few, since almost all included my family,  I posted ones of plants. Just to keep safety a priority. :)

Wow, sorry for the cruddy quality. Had to snap this one quickly...

Okay, so technically these aren't vacation photos, but I got the idea to make this on vacation... It turned out awesome! It's cute, huh?

Yes, I took this. The dew looked so pretty! I was sososososososso happy with the outcome. 

The prettiest flowers ever! I wish I knew what they were called. :}

Like I said, very few pics. That was really it. 

Also, I called AG and asked about the dolls with no hair. They cost 105 dollars, and you have to order them over the phone. I was kinda bummed that they had no special program for girls who had chemo or other reasons for hair loss. :( 

Have a great day!


  1. I find it a shame that the dolls without hair cost the same as the dolls with hair. They should knock off 20 bucks fromt the total cost considering the price of wigs.

  2. So pretty. :)
    Also, I am having a photo contest on my blog: the theme is Movie night and all dolls are welcome to enter! If you would like to enter you can email me your photos at: Thanks if you read all that :)
    ~ Ag mega fan~


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