Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview with Jessie!!

So, I had an interview with blogger Jessie, and she's super sweet and funny, you should check out her blog!

 1. When did you start into the blogging world? What made you want to start? 

I started on June 18, 2011. I got into photography about then, and wanted to do a 366 challenge. I just recently completed it!

 2. Describe stuff we can find on your blog.

 My (doll) blog originally started out as a blog for my dolls to post on. Lately I've been posting more about other things, such as movies, Etsy items, my photoshoots, and things like that.

 3. How long have you been into American Girl? 

Um... my whole life, I guess! I received my first Bitty Baby (Chelsea, not shown on my doll blog) when I was 1 or two, and I got my first 18" doll when I was 5.

 4. Do you have a favorite doll? 

Out of the dolls that I own, I would say Sophie (MAG #37) is my favourite. Of the dolls I don't own, I love Rebecca. She'll probably be the next doll I get...

 5. Tell us some things people would never guess about you. Or just something really unique about yourself or what you do.

 Oh my heavens. I really have so many unique things about me, I don't know where to start! One thing is that I LOVE cheese. Seriously. Ask my friends. I'm super quiet when I'm around strangers, but if I've known you for a while I start to go crazy... 0.o

 6. Do you have a favorite animal? Color? Sport?

 My favourite animal is a panda. They're so cute!!! My favourite colour is purple. Not lavender. Purple. I do track and field right now, but my favourite sport to watch would be... baseball. That's the only sport I really understand... (:
 7. Sorry for the boring questions, I'm not very creative. :/

 No problem! I'm loving your questions... (:

 8. I think your screen name is interesting (Jessie Ninjabunny). What made you pick it?

 Well for one thing, it's not the screen name I use on Blogger. But I did make this email for Blogging purposes, as my other email has my last name in it... Basically I put my second favourite animal and ninjas (I'm Asian, it fits, okay? {:) together, and voila! Ninjabunnies. (:

9. Are you excited for Caroline Abbot? (Upcoming HC) 

Yes!! I'm not planning on getting her, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what she looks like.

 10. Give me a review of this interview. Was it okay? Or was I boring you to death??

It was super fun!! I've never been interviewed before, so this was really fun to do.

 11. This is a bonus question, what do you want to be when you grow up? Sorry not very original. Not very spicy questions. Please forgive my lack of enthusiasm.

 I want to be a photographer.

Yay! Thanks again, Jessie!! Mental round of applause to you. 


  1. So cool! Loved the interview! :) :) :)

  2. Where did you get the background for your blog? It is SUPER cute! And I love you posts!

  3. Aww, thanks for interviewing me!! Also, you've been awarded! Go to http://americangirlphotographer.blogspot.com/2012/07/ive-been-awarded.html for more info. (:


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