Monday, April 16, 2012

French Video is HERE!

Hi! Sorry for no comments/answers to e-mails/posts, as I was grounded because( I'll admit) I was pretty naughty. :}

BUUUUUT..... The French interview is here!

Wow. NOT MY BEST PIC. EVER. Honestly, I've looked better.  :D My little sisters are the girls with the Bitty Twins!!

If you want to see the entire video, not just my bit, click HERE 

Yay! Finally up.

My hair would not cooperate that day of all days, sorry I looked like I just jumped out of bed. My bangs do not usually look like bed-head!

If you don't speak French, I pretty much said that I have a blog, and that I do posts of my dolls and AG whereabouts.

And some quick questions I'm sure will be asked: Yes, that is me. Yes, that is my room. Yes, That is my blog. No, that is not my voice speaking the amazing French. (I wish it was!)
 Any other questions will be gladly answered!

There are several other things I'll want to post about but this is all the time I have for today.



  1. Looks like you did a great job, could not understand the french, but it looked good .. lol

  2. That's AWESOME!!!! My dad watched it with me, and translated some parts into English for me (he knows a little French). Congrats, Emma, you're FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! WORLDWIDE!!!!!!! :D :D

    It's so exciting! ;)


  3. That is so cool! How were you chosen to be in the video? I speak French, so it was awesome that I could understand. :)

  4. I love your blog! I followed ur blog, maybe follow me back

  5. That was you?! I saw that on YouTube and was wondering if the girl being interviewed was someone in the AG blogger world. That's so awesome!!

    I understand some French, but unfortunately, it was hard to understand the French AND the English, at least for me. I couldn't concentrate on the French because the English in the background was disturbing my concentration, yet I couldn't focus on the English because the French was overpowering it. But...what an amazing opportunity for you! How did you get chosen?



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