Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Yay! Today is Felicity's Birthday! She's 12- again! :) :)

I took some pictures today, the sun and lighting was beautiful. Simple gorgeousness.

Lighting...perfection....all in a days photo shoot. :) 

The background <3

The sun peeking through the leaves!

Look at the depth!

hey! It's everybody's favorite girl! :)

The shadows on my face bother me. :( 

It was weird having my photo taken, because I'm usually behind the camera. 

I tried doing a self portrait, holding the camera in front of me. I learned two important lessons today: Doing a self portrait is very hard when you are alone, and a closeup of my nose is NOT attractive. :} 

So, happy birthday Lissie! Happy eternal 12th birthday! And have a great weekend everybody!!



  1. Lissie is so pretty! :D Thats cool that you are allowed to share photos of yourself online, I'm not. I love your springy outfit too!

  2. Cool! Your photography skills are awesome!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that dress. Where did you get it??

  4. Wow, thanks girls! I actually made the dress, and took an old belt, cut it, and used it for my dolls. :)


  5. Happy {Belated} Birthday, Felicity! You look lovely. I adore your outfit! :)


  6. Fantastic photography skills!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Happy (late) birthday Felicity!

  8. I really love your blog. :)

  9. Cute Dress! Could you do a post on how you made it?


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