Monday, November 28, 2011


can't decide between these two, please help!

Should I get THIS ONE:


HELP! :)

Emma in a hurry


  1. I would get the holiday dress.

  2. I wouldn't have picked either one myself, but if you have to choose between those two, the holiday dress! Good luck!

  3. I think you should get the holiday dress now that were in the "holiday season.."

    Chloe <3

  4. Thanks! Actually, I decided to wait on the stuff till after the Holidays, in case I get one of them or get money to buy both. But thanks so mcuh for your advice! I'll be sure to get the Holiday Dress!! :)


  5. I personally like the Holiday dress, but I think you should get whichever one you like better! :)

  6. definetly the dress. I have it and I love it

  7. Unlike everyone else, I reccomend Kanani's Aloha outfit. I have it is it is really awesome, there are SOOO many pieces! The only thing I don't like about it is that the paint on the bracelet comes off really easily, sometimes on Nani's wrist!
    Also, it costs less than the holiday dress. :D


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