Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Have a super fantabulous- extra extraordinary and magical Thanksgiving.  I wish I could have some new pictures up, but I a currently vacationing out-of-town so I'll just post some other ones instead!

 Yay! Now for some funny cartoons:
big bird thanksgiving Pictures, Images and Photos

He he! Hope you got some laughs.


Now I am going to list 10 things I am thankful for!!

1. Happy Memories. They give me something to look back on when I'm sad

2. Technology. Where would we be without it?

3. Books. For an avid reader like me, taking away books would be like taking away a dog's chew toy.

4. Family. They guide me, make me laugh, cry with me, love me even though I'm anything but perfect.

5. Friends. Amazing people like you! I can't say how much friends mean to me

6. Education. Helps me get on my feet to have a bright future. It seems like a drag sometimes, but it really is great

7. Living in America. It's a wonderful, and free country. I'm lucky to be in this great country.

8. My Blog and my absolutely amazing readers. Holy cow. I have no idea where to start. This blog lets me express my feelings and you listen. I can be myself and you embrace me. I love love love love times a million MAG and it's fabulous readers and Followers. (PS Thanks my 2 new followers! This marks 61!!!!!! :D)

9. Smiles. Who doesn't want one on an off day?

10. My religion. Helps me figure out where I stand, how I should act and gives me great values. Thank you Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Have a  wonderful Thanksgiving Break with lots of Love From,

P.S. This is a REALLY fun link for some turkey fun!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! And thank for doing my tag! :D

  2. we are in the same church, cool :)


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