Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mia and the Show

"Wow,Mia I don't know why you are so cared about the fall show tonight. You'll do so well!", said Emily Talbot , Mia St. Claire's best friend. "I'm still nervous about skating in front of zillions of people, and I bet you would, too!" Mia replied. "Let's go to your house and get you ready for the big night." said Emily, soothingly.

Soon Mia's hair was up in curlers. "Emily, Hurry up, or I'll be late!!!" Mia cried.
"Okay, I think they're done." Emily replied, slowly taking out the curlers.

Mia was fixing her hair worriedly, trying to get it at perfection . "Mia, you need to calm down." Emily said, bringing her to her bedroom to talk.

"Do you think my boots need to be buffed?" Mia fretted to Emily, for the millionth time. "No, they look amazing. Stop worrying so much. You're going to wow the audience." said Emily, encouragingly. " AHHHHHHHHHH the show!!! We're going to be late!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mia screamed and she leaped for the door, with Emily scurrying after her.

Mia Really did wow the audience with her camel spins and leaps. "Three cheers for Mia!!" Emily called at the end. And Mia took a final bow, beaming.

-Emma and her dolls

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