Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Felicity Update

I am super close to getting Felicity and Here is a list of Felicity and Elizabeth's items that are back-ordered, out of stock, or sold out, which kind of stinks that so many felicity items are sold out or back-ordered. Though, it isn't a surprise about the tea set because it is always back ordered, and I'm sure once American Girl announced that Felicity and Elizabeth are going to be retired, people got really grabby for it. :)

  • Felicity's Holiday Dress
  • Elizabeth's Cloak
  • Felicity's Tea Set
  • Elizabeth's Bed and Bedding
  • Felicity's Bed
  • Elizabeth's Fashion Doll

I'll keep doing these updates every once and a while, like to report things out of stock, sold out, back in stock, special Felicity happenings, etc.

-Emma and her dolls

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